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Carpet care is one of the most important things you can do for your home in Campbell Hall, New York

Replacing flooring is an expensive endeavor, and proper carpet care and maintenance will extend the life of your carpet for many years. Floor care isn’t limited to just carpets. Keeping your tile, grout, and wood floors clean and sealed keeps them in good repair so they will last for many years.

Though some stains happen from spills or accidents, most stains are simply from daily grime that settles into your carpets in high traffic areas. Fading is accelerated when dirt lingers and slowly stains the carpets, and tears at the fibers.

Some carpets are harder to clean and require more work. Often times, these are the more expensive, plush carpets or carpets with different types of fiber; however, keeping these carpets clean is essential in getting the most life out of your investment.

A home steam cleaner seems like a good investment, but unfortunately, they are not an acceptable alternative to professional cleaning. They are simply not powerful enough to remove the water or cleaner used, leaving residue behind that makes spots seem to “reappear.” Even if you successfully remove the original spot, a new spot is often created from this residue which traps additional dirt. For home carpet cleaning, nothing beats regular vacuuming to keep the dirt from settling deep into the carpet

For these reasons having a regular professional carpet cleaning service once in a while is the best choice to maintain a clean and nice environment all year round throughout your house. Learn how Di Cat Carpet Cleaning can help you achieve this and schedule a date for your carpet cleaning today!

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